Boilerplate web app using Backbone.js, ExpressJS, node.js, MongoDB

I created a super basic front-end single page application that is a simple Contacts manager.

Request API node.js helper module

A convenient helper module for node.js and request when you regularly work with an API in your projects. I tend to write node.js applications that rely heavily on a separate API layer (regardless of if thats written in node itself or not). Because of this I tend to use the same convention when consuming those […]

Simple MongoDB node.js client module

Here’s a simple MongoDB client module I use when prototyping projects in node.js. This module allows me to connect and reuse a connection db object easily via a simple module. Many times I’ve found myself writing connection code repeatedly in modules or just generally not keeping my functions DRY when it came to working with […]

My new book: Web Development with MongoDB and Node.js

Introducing my new book; Web Development with MongoDB and Node.js! Its been a long 6 months of blood sweat and tears, but its finally released! A little over 6 months ago I was contacted by someone within Packt Publishing inquiring if I would be interested in writing a book about web development using Node.js and […]


Backbone, Express, Node.js, MongoDB web app template

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Animation Framework

Simple scripted animation framework

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Scroll Toggle

Detect scroll location and trigger events

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Shift Panes

Shiftable content panes

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Slide Ins

Animate content into a page

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Photo Flipper

3D flip/rotate images in a photo gallery

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Slider Bar

Vanilla JS slider bar (ala jQuery UI)

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