Big surprise, I’m jumping on the React/Flux bandwagon!

I know, I know!  React and Flux is like the hottest thing since sliced bread these days!  Its like DDR!  All the kids are loving it!  I finally took some time to give it a spin (thanks to for their incredible videos!!) and I have to say I’m really enjoying myself.  With React, I took the approach that I’m going to dive in head first – just start consuming as much videos and articles as I can in my free time and just start building something!  Along the way I feel like I’ve refactored my code 20 times but I’m getting pretty close to something thats starting to feel really good.

I’m sharing with you the repo that I’ve been working off of:

It’s a very rough work in progress, but I’m doing my best to maintain the README and keep the code and commits as clean as possible.  As of right now, its the most basic “Blog” you can imagine – it randomly generates a bunch of fake blog posts (on the backend).  The React app displays a list of the posts, click each to view the full post along with comments, and you can toggle a new comment post feature (that works).  It doesn’t look great by any means (the extent that I styled it was to apply Arial font)!

In a nutshell heres the stack:

  • ES6 (*cough*ES2015*cough*) everywhere (backend and front)
  • Node.js 4.x Express web server
  • MongoDB with Mongoose data store
  • React.js 0.14.0 (latest) with react-router 1.0.0-rc3
  • Flux – My own implementation (work in progress) – read: NOT a framework!
    • Could have gone with Redux, Alt, Fluxxor, or any of the other 20 Flux frameworks.  Maybe I will in the future.. but for now it was more important that I understand vanilla Flux than some random flavor of the week framework.
  • Gulp build process that uses: Browserify, Babel, & SASS

Stay tuned as I plan big things with this repo!