Its been a while since my last post, but a lot has been going on. I started a new job with!

About a month ago I started my new job with! I have a few friends that work there and told me that they were hiring so I gave it a shot. I loved working at and I hated to leave, but this new opportunity was just too good to pass up (and sounded really exciting too)!

My primary responsibility there will be front-end development, specifically creating video streaming apps for the Playstation 4, 3, and Vita as well as the Xbox One. The idea of getting to work with the consoles and creating apps like this was really appealing to me!

Within my first week I was already well into working on the project, and mostly just discovery of working with the console SDKs as well as figuring out the build process for the app and getting it loaded onto the console. My first responsibility was to demonstrate that we could create a working prototype to prove that we had the capabilities in house to actually commit to creating the app. That was fun because within my first two weeks I did have a fully functional app running on the PS4 that loaded data from our API and streamed our various video content! At that point the project was green-lit and away we go!

I’m working 90% remote at this new job, which is a bit of an adjustment for me but so far I’m loving it. The commute is pretty rough right now but they are also moving their Philly office to downtown so once that happens I can take the train and it won’t be so bad.

The on-boarding process was incredible too! That is to say, I had my environment up and running within an hour basically and it was just: “Heres your laptop, heres access to a bunch of repos, heres a technical dock that explains getting Docker setup. Have fun!” The best part was that it all just worked!!

So excited to be joining a new team and working on a product I can really be excited about!