A convenient helper module for node.js and request when you regularly work with an API in your projects.

I tend to write node.js applications that rely heavily on a separate API layer (regardless of if thats written in node itself or not). Because of this I tend to use the same convention when consuming those API endpoints. Over time I’ve written a fairly handy helper module that makes working with API endpoints a breeze!

The code itself is hosted over at GitHub which you can find here: https://github.com/jkat98/api_helper

Heres the example code from the repo on how to work with it:

[code lang=”javascript”]

var api = require(‘../api_helper’),

config = require(‘./config.json’);

// call one-time during server bootstrap:


// call anytime/anywhere:

api.callAPI(‘users/list’, ‘GET’, {}, function(err, body) {

if (!err) {

console.log(body); // => data returned from API endpoint!




Where config.json contains the following configuration settings for the API itself:

[code lang=”javascript”]


“api”: {

“scheme”: “http”,

“host”: “api.somedomain.com”,

“port”: “8080”,

“version”: “v1”




Now, whenever I want to consume an API endpoint in my project I simply use this helper module and it makes my life so much easier!