I’ve been working on a new project for almost a year now and I’m finally excited to announce its launch!

pw_logoMyself and a team of friends – fellow developers and designers – have spent the past year building a new website/service that I am finally so excited to talk about! The website is PayWhatevs.com and the basic premise is that digital content creators can sell their products via our website and allow potential customers to pay whatever they want for the item(s)!

A few years ago I remember Louis CK announced that he would sell a comedy hour special on his website and let visitors pay whatever they wanted for it. I thought this was brilliant and it was hot on the heels of the success that HumbleBundle had been having. Then I saw him on an interview and I saw how much he paid to get the simple product available for sale on his website and I thought that was insane.

What we set out to do with PayWhatevs is create an extremely easy to use service that allows content creators the ability to sell their products quickly and easily. The beauty of our service is that our main focus is on giving visitors the power to name their own price for products. Many people might be scared by this idea at first, but the more you think about it the more you realize how much of a win this is for everyone! Think about it this way, as a content creator selling your products, would you rather 10 people pay 1 dollar for your work, or 1 person pay 10 dollars for your work? Personally, and I think most people would agree, I’d rather 10 people enjoy my work and feel good about what they paid. Additionally, those 10 people will probably all tell their friends about the product!

Additionally, we’ve added the ability for sellers to provide a bonus incentive to customers to entice them to spend a little bit more. As a seller, you can offer your product using the name your price model, but you can also include an additional product as a bonus should the visitor pay more than X dollars.

This project has truly been a labor of love and we have all worked extremely hard on it for nearly a year.  I’m extremely excited to announce the launch of PayWhatevs.com and I hope you give it a chance to check it out and share your thoughts!

Beta Signup

Currently the website is under closed beta as we want real users to test it out and help us iron out any wrinkles (before its fully exposed to the public).  If you’re interested in giving the site a spin and letting me know your thoughts, please feel free to signup from the very bottom of the homepage.