Thanks to the awesome folks at O’Reilly I will be giving a live webcast about prototyping web applications using node.js and MongoDB.

You can learn everything you need to about the talk here:

The gist is that I built a basic web application in about an hour or 2 that I wanted to “rapidly prototype”. The talk will cover how I built the app and more or less go over each line of code involved in building it. The goal of the presentation is to instill how easy it is to build a working functioning prototype of an app in as few lines of code as possible using node.js and MongoDB.

You can view the source code for the talk here (along with the code breakdown per slide that I will cover):

Finally, you can play around with a working prototype by visiting:

(You can login by providing your email address and any password.  Any movies you save to your queue will be available the next time you login with the same email and password.)


The talk is over, and in my opinion was a great success!  Had a lot of great feedback in the live chat during and the Q/A session at the end was pretty awesome!  Go to the link above and check it out as an archived version is now available.