Installed Web Essentials 1.7 for VS2012 at home and tried out Zen Coding.  This is definitely something really awesome and something I wish was integrated a long time ago.  As it stands, I don’t know how much “raw html” I will be coding in the near future to warrant using it all that much – but I guess any html coding is worth doing via Zen Coding!

Finally spent some time and started doing the Pluralsight course on Backbone.js.  I have to say, I’m REALLY liking it so far.  After trying Angular.js and Knockout.js neither really ever struck a chord with me or convinced me they were worth spending any time committing to (thats not to say they aren’t both great, just talking me personally).  But with Backbone, it looks like its lightweight enough that I can really start to apply it to most of the projects I work on.  I REALLY like the whole MVVM approach to client side development, and was even leaning that way with Fill the Part, even though I did it in a sort of rigged, unofficial, capacity.

Whoa, Google Nexus 4 sold out in UK in minutes overnight.  Keeping a very close eye on the US store today to try to snag a pre-order the instant it becomes available!  — That was intense.  Internet was crazy all morning about when the store would start selling in the US.  Rumors were 12n – but at 11:40a I checked and the phone said “Add to Cart”.  I did just that and mayhem ensued – a number of problems occurred.  Ajax calls failed, cart emptied, sometimes the phone said Add to Cart others it said Coming Soon.  When I did finally seem to successfully check out I was prompted with an error, but also an order number.  A little while later I received confirmation emails for both the phone and bumper (that I ordered separately after the phone).  So fingers crossed it looks like its legit! UPDATE: Looks like my shipping notification finally came in Friday afternoon.  Although strangely enough no shipment yet on the bumper – just the phone.  Fine by me!

I finally got around to selling all of my old video game consoles; Sega Genesis/CD, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation 2 (original), Microsoft Xbox (original), and a random lot of original Playstation games – all for nearly $350 on ebay!