Busted my ass in a major workout last night at Crossfit.  The regular class is NO JOKE!

Oh yeah, and Obama won (again)!!!

Decided to try another stab at Angular.js this week.  Going to try to lab something up at work using it, something real-world like article comments or something.

Continued working on the new Nextgen.com framework.  Got the shell set up pretty nicely and did a lot of organization of all Javascript and CSS and how it will be integrated globally and sitewide.  The Javascript implementation I think works pretty well, and should allow for some great organization and reusability as well as very maintainable code bases. (And no more copy/paste directly in pages!!)

Just discovered Zen Coding which looks fairly neat – sort of something I’ve always wished for.  Good news is that they just released Web Essentials for VS2012 which includes Zen Coding, bad news is that we still can’t run VS2012 here because it breaks our application (connection to AD)!  Installing a VM on my machine at work so I can setup a test environment and mess around with VS2012 again to see if I can nail own what exactly is happening with the AD stuff.