Got the Nexus 4 today and I’m completely blown away!! Coming from the iPhone4 its literally night and day!  I spent probably 4 hours with it tonight just playing around with settings, tinkering with the live wallpapers, and getting my apps installed and all setup.  The thing is VERY smooth, and runs like a champ.  I’ve been using it so heavily that I can’t truly speak for the battery yet, as I’ve been killing it and watching it drain.  I’m super excited to be gone from the Apple world of things and using pure unfiltered Android!

Slow week at work, with Thanksgiving and all.  Going to do the Thanksgiving day competition at Crossfit on Thursday morning – will see how that goes!

‘The Pilgrimage’ Thursday morning at Crossfit was… insane!!  60 athletes in teams of 6 competed in an incredible competition.  The workout was insane, and I was sore as hell the next day!  Workout was about 60 minutes from when the clock started (our team finished in 54’).  Half outside, half inside.  Was incredible and it was an amazing sense of accomplishment to have finished (and survived)!