Hurricane Sandy!!!

Installed Windows 8 over the weekend. At first, it was a little jarring.  The changes are sweeping.  Im not sure how I feel still about basically the start menu being expanded to an entire screen – which is basically what happened.  The live tiles concept is neat.  I’m not really a fan of forcing “metro” style apps to run full screen – as I have a fairly large screen and typically development environments are the only programs I ever run maximized.  Still need to play with it some more – but at 39.99 for the Pro upgrade, it was too much to pass up!

Picked up Need for Speed: Most Wanted on total impulse and I’m fairly addicted to it.  Its definitely a quality racing game and I love the “Midnight club” feel to the game (as I was a huge fan of Midnight Club).  Looks like Halo 4 is getting incredible reviews as well, so I just preordered that today (comes out next week).  Too many games this month!!