After a discussion about the advantages of N-tier archictecture with a coworker and finally truly understanding it all – I rewrote the backend for “Secret” website to fully utilize a Data, Services, Domain, UI architecture.  Now it is coming together quite nicely.  I’ve completed the basic groundwork for most of the backend, with the Data layer completed, the Repositories at a good start with most basic CRUD functionality complete, and the Services layer tapping into those repositories.  A little bit more work and I can start doing a very rudimentary UI layer and start actually using the services.

Completed Intro to iOS developer part 1 course on Pluralsight.  I definitely like the general “vibe” I get of the actual development of an app – its just theres a lot to learn and cover to get my knowledge base to where it needs to be in order for me to feel comfortable making the app – versus ditching native and just making an HTML5 web app.

Well they weren’t joking!  Saw news that Comcast doubled its internet speeds (just because).  Then I got a notice in the mail that my modem would probably need to be replaced to take advantage of the new speeds  Filled out a quick simple online form, and a week later the new modem showed up.  Plugged it in, actived online, rebooted and boom – getting 53.68/mbps on – 6.3MB/sec in actual download tests.  Nice!!

Started working on the design for “Secret” website – basically took a bunch of website template designs I liked and bastardized them and created a Frankenstein layout/design.  Still needs some work but not bad at all for a first attempt!