Spent the weekend spec’ing the “Secret” website, outlining each page, functionality and features.  Spent a little time working on the actual domain name, but need to work really hard on figuring that key component out.  Found a great article on mashable that will help.  Hoping to start coding before the end of the month, so I can focus a big part of November on getting the groundwork done.

Dishonored and X-Com: Enemy Unknown both came out this week.  Two completely different games, but I’m very excited for both!

Philly Tech Meetup this week as well!  Met a few cool people and saw some great demos.  Was very shocked to randomly meet a person that launched a somewhat similiar site to my idea – IndieGameStand.com

Rounded out the weekend with continued spec work for “Secret” website.  Documented the database, diagram, tables, and service layer.  Will actually start coding next week!