Started coding “Secret” website (still not happy with the name)!!  Going with a basic 3 tier structure for now – Domain, Services, and UX.  Made good progress so far on the Domain model, and the underlying foundation for the Services layer.

Found and worked with a great tiny little jQuery plugin for working with cookies.  Was super easy to use and implemented, and even worked with jQuery 1.3 in a legacy system I needed it in!

Our hosting services with Azure, including our site Fill the Part, just up and decided to stop working the other night.  For no reason that we can tell – no new changes to the site, no updates, nothing at all.  And this effects ALL sites hosted under the plan.  A nice, simple, 500 Internal Error message appears.  No help from Azure, since they have little to no support for the service currently.  Looks like we are moving hosts… yet again.  Our current plan is to go with – which appears to have great reviews and prides them selves on providing excellent support.