Finally wrapped up the big project at work.  Had to have my laptop rebuilt since installing VS2012 broke AD authentication in our app.  That made for an interesting debug scenario while we tried to push live and fix bugs!

Started Crossfit!  The first class of the on-ramp program really kicked my ass.  I thought for sure I was going to throw up by the end, but I hung in there and honestly I think I did pretty well.  Will see how I feel when I wake up in the morning.

Got the new Kindle Paperwhite!  The thing is so tiny compared to my 2nd gen Kindle!  The touch screen interface is neat, but since its still eink the responsiveness is a little delayed.  Otherwise, its really slick and I dig the backlighting.  Will know more when I actually try to use it in bed and see how the light works out.

Signed up for the next Philly Code Camp 2012.2 – November 17th at the Penn State Ambler campus.  Went to the last one in May and that was really awesome.  Looking forward to this one as well!