Absolute total nightmare at the end of the week as we pushed a new build to production and were impacted with a ton of problems. Mainly the issue resides in the fact that the current setup of the applications is a configuration/deployment nightmare – with way too many steps and settings involved leading to way too many opened ended possibilities for user error.

Learned about the [attr] selector in jQuery – basically to detect the presense of an actual attribute in an html element.  So, $(‘a’) will select every link on the page, but $(‘a[rel]’) will select every link that HAS the REL attribute specified (doesn’t matter what it is, just that its there and has a value).

Continuing to go crazy at work.  Pushing to get a major build live of a bunch of our applications, and testing is proving difficult with the awful network we have going on.  If its not one thing its another – constantly.  I swear I think someone is just messing with us in the back pulling random plugs or flipping random switches throughout the day!

Was going to start Crossfit this week, but still feeling really sick and run down, so pushed it to next week. Ironically that works out perfectly as my monthly cycle will be in line with the calendar month.

Not much learning in the past 2 weeks as I’ve been focused so much on this new build.  Did learn that installing Visual Studio 2012 breaks something with Active Directory on your machine.  And for some awesome reason there’s no System Restore points on my laptop so I’m basically screwed.  As a result, can’t authenticate against our application using AD (so basically I cant log into our websites locally to test anything).

Continuing to struggle to get FillThePart.com working properly – although we finally seem to be at a pretty stable point.  The site is now running on Azure (again) and has been performing pretty solidly.  A few minor tweaks are left but its looking very likely that the site will officially be live this weekend and we will start blogging regularly starting next week!