Starting Web Development with node.js/ExpressJS

For the past few months I’ve been seeing more and more about node.js popping up all over the place. I installed it and dabbled a few months ago, but never really spent more than an hour and honestly didn’t walk away very impressed (my own fault, really). This past week I decided to really give it another shot, really trying to dig into it and actually accomplish something. This also sparked by my discovery of Koding. [Read More] launch! DMC!!! JavaScript/Node.js/Backbone.js

Soft launched over the weekend! By soft launch, I mean, bought and setup the domain, and got a test version of the site live. Login works, and the site “works” for the most part, but is very much not ready for prime time yet. I still need to get a lot of things working and most importantly I need a basic admin for the games database. The data that’s up right now is just test seed data – while pretty solid is far from complete or even valid. [Read More]