Later this month I will be starting a new job, and really a new path in my career!

I’ve been at my current job for almost a year and a half, and in that time I’ve made some great friends and I’ve had a chance to really spread my wings. I’ve experimented with a lot of new technologies and spent my time working on some really neat projects. The things I’ve learned here have obviously shaped my career and allowed me to be able to move into directions I honestly never thought possible a year ago.

This new position also marks an end of an era of sorts for me. I will not be working with any Microsoft based languages of any sort. That’s right! My new position is with a company that is exclusively Unix based, with Mac development boxes, and the back-end is all Python, Ruby, node.js, etc.

A large part of my past year has been a sort of self discovery. I realized more and more throughout the year just how much I love JavaScript! My new role will be exclusively that – working with Backbone, underscore, doing TDD with Jasmine and Karma as well as working with (what I perceive to be) a truly talented team of individuals! I know coming into this role that I will feel like a noob, and will be in some sense. But I am looking forward to the challenge and a lot more discovery and learning in my future!

Making the decision to leave my current job was difficult, as I love everyone I work with! I was quite nervous giving my notice because I simply didn’t want to let anyone down. The reaction from my team has been extremely positive. Everyone is very happy for me and happy to see me moving on to a really great opportunity!

The company that I will be working with is called AWeber – they provide an email marketing service with a custom solution that has been in development for almost 15 years! The environment at AWeber is nothing short of amazing! State of the art building and workstations, development equipment, technologies, and an incredible team of people!

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, I updated the look & feel of the blog!  I’m going for a more minimal approach.  I also hope that my new position will allow me an opportunity to really improve the content I’ll be able to deliver – outlining some of the more cutting edge stuff I’m working on.  I also have plans to provide more detailed tutorials and articles as well as possibly start introducing screencasts.  Stay tuned!