Every get frustrated when Chrome autocompletes a URL you frequent but it always suggests the wrong URL?! Here is a quick super simple way to remove those old URLs (or incorrectly preferred URLs) from the address bar.

Recently a website I frequently visit switched URLs.  They went from a .typepad.com to a regular url – both started with “crossfitgeneration”.  Unfortunately, it was super annoying every time I typed “crossfit” into my URL in Google Chrome, the .typepad.com URL was the preferred auto-complete.HUGOMORE42

  1. Type the first part of the URL i.e. “crossf”
  2. Using your arrow keys, arrow DOWN to the item in the list you want removed (most likely the first item in the list).
  3. Press SHIFT – DELETE and it will remove the item from the list.
  4. Continue until the real url you want is then first in the list.

Now next time you type whatever (i.e. “crossf”) the old URL that was no longer valid or correct will not show up!

Super simple and silly, but something like this can be really annoying if you visit a site every day and have to always deal with this annoyance!