The .Net framework 2012.2 update has been released.  Most of this update has to do with a few minor tweaks and enhancements (color coding popular client-side templates, LESS support, etc) as well as some new templates.  A great post on John Papa’s blog outlines the templates.

Played Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and have to say I’m a little disappointed.  Its definitely not Bayonetta, and I doubt Platinum will ever achieve the stunning awesomeness that was that game, but heres holding out hope (not much since last I heard Bayonetta 2 was WiiU exclusive).

PlayStation 4 was announced!  While that’s awesome because its officially next-gen time, the press conference definitely felt half-baked and didn’t really explain any reason I needed to own a PS4.  Most of the features just sound like PSN 2.0 and a few minor upgrades/tweaks.  Nothing breathtaking or groundbreaking.  The one thing I did really like was the idea of the instant on/off sleep mode – even in mid game! (just like the iPad etc).  That could be really awesome because right now one of the most frustrating aspects of console gaming is the lag between getting ready to play and actually playing (i.e. booting up, loading the dashboard, connecting to the internet, booting up the game, getting past 5 logo screens, title screen, loading your saved game, and then actually starting to play).  Really looking forward to Microsoft’s announcement for the next Xbox (whatever its called)!

Our team is trying to implement something new that I wasn’t quite sure what to make of initially.  Every member of our team will be able to work from home 1 day per week, on their scheduled day (mine being Thursdays, for example).  The freedom is purely optional, and should I rather go in that’s fine.  Its a test run right now, to see how everyone deals with it and handles it and if it works out well I could easily see a case being made for the rest of the company (at managers discretion I suppose).  Only time will tell I guess, but everyone seemed to be pretty excited about the idea!  My only real concern, I guess, is that it could possibly cause too much disruption to our daily flow and could wind up being used as an argument against working from home in general. (As lame as that sounds)