After being stumped for a while with a particularly interesting issue in MVC – I found the solution on Rick Strahl’s blog.  Specifically I was trying to change the values of a view model from a controller action, after PostBack – yet my changes seemed to be ignored or simply refuse to stick.  Turns out the HtmlHelpers refer to the actual POST data on page load after postback (seemingly ignoring the “model” even though you explicitly refer to the model when using HtmlHelpers).  The solution was simply removing the particular item from the ModelState before resetting its value via the controller code.

Learned about Underscore.js – which adds almost LINQ-like syntax to querying objects and collections (or collections of objects/arrays).

Watching Javascript fundamentals as a refresh and had my world rocked – apparently we should be using === and !== all this time and not == and != that’s just nutty!!  Basically “” == 0 (true), “” === 0 (false), 1 == “1” (true) 1 === “1” (false).  Was a good refresher on a few minor tidbits that I didn’t realize or needed my memory jogged on.

While I’ve been using Trello as a virtual whiteboard, stacking my Pending/Doing/Done lists – I recently discovered Asana which works really well for project management, especially in a team environment.  I’m using it to track personal projects currently.  Might stick with it for a while and see if it fades out my Trello use.

Created a pretty basic but nicely functional list filter page for Resources for  Allows user to filter list by type and topic – with additional functionality to select multiple topics to be added.

Launched this week!! Setup a virtual dedicated server via AccuWebHosting and configured the website for FTP.

Did a lot of playing around with Azure and realized its just not ready for production level yet (with websites anyway) – not to mention its still in Preview (beta).

Installed and started using VisualStudio 2012 – which is really nice!  Great improvements and the program runs much smoother and faster.  Works well with older projects that still need 2010 too.