An oldie but a goodie made a comeback and was proved useful – Visual Event, a bookmarklet that lets you view javascript events on a page with a nice visual overlay.

Great article on using REMs instead of EMs when font sizing.  Specifcally, the article goes into detail on ditching pixel specification altogether (except for sprites and very specific instances) and using %, em, and rem universally.

Clover 2 is a nice small app that wraps Explorer and adds Chrome-like tabs to the interface.  Definitely a can’t live without app!

Found you can pass variables into jsrender .render() using callback anon object: .render(data, {myvar: value}); Then simply reference using ~myvar in the actual template.  This method can be used to pass along helper methods as well:  .render(data, {myvar: value, helperMethod: methodName});