I recently discovered ifttt.com (again) and the level of sophistication and life automation it delivers is unbelievably convenient. If you aren’t using it, start today!

When I first discovered the service I didn’t give it much thought really. The idea seemed neat but I couldn’t really think of a valid reason to use it. Then I did a search about automating something (I forget what exactly) and a blog post popped up with a specific recipe for ifttt.com. This recipe was pretty much exactly what I was looking for but more importantly it was an eye opener for me!

I started playing around with the site and looking at all of the different options available and was hooked!

For those that aren’t familiar, the site basically lets you setup automated tasks that are literally worded as “if this then that” or for a more specific example “if I post an image to Instagram save a copy to my dropbox”. The flexibility of the system is pretty amazing!

I wanted to share a few recipes Im currently using to make my life a little easier. Hopefully these will give you some ideas to get your own automated process going!

Some of my favorites are:

  • Any time I mark a website URL to read later via Pocket, it tweets that I did so (makes sense as the sites Im pocketing would typically be of interest to my followers)
  • If I star an email in Gmail, it saves the email to my Inbox in EverNote
  • When I post a new blog post, it automatically tweets about it

Visit: http://ifttt.com