I started using Asana again for a personal project, and while I love the themes option I really wanted to be able to provide my own image. Stylebot Chrome extension to the rescue!

In order to provide your own custom background image for Asana you need to do some outside of the box thinking. Basically you need to edit the CSS for Asana directly and somehow save it so that its there for return visits. A quick search of the Chrome Extension store and I found Stylebot – a cool little plugin that lets you do exactly that!

When you arrive to Asana, or any website you want to customize for that matter, simply launch the Stylebot plugin and click the ‘Edit CSS’ button at the bottom. Then enter the following CSS:

[sourcecode lang=”css”]

body { background-image: url(http://wallpapers.wallbase.cc/manga-anime/wallpaper-886225.jpg); }


Updating the actual address in url() to whatever you want. Pro tip: use an image thats hosted on your own server not someone elses like wallbase.cc 😉

And you’re done! (Make sure to save your changes.) Next time you arrive to Asana your custom background should load up just fine!