With this quick tip, you can mimic one of the most commonly used keystrokes that’s completely different between Windows and Mac – Copy/Paste!

Since I’ve been using a Mac a lot at work, transitioning back to Windows at night has been a bit annoying. One of the most frustrating things has been the fact that copy/paste keys are totally different. Not even close! How long it took me to get used to use Command-C (which is the equivelent of Alt on a PC keyboard) to Copy. Now I’m constantly hitting Alt-C on my PC at home (which does nothing).

Auto Hot Key

A small little program works great to solve this problem.  Simply goto www.autohotkey.com and download the free program. Once its installed and running update the sample script that it starts you out with by adding the following commands:

!x::sendinput ^x

!c::sendinput ^c

!v::sendinput ^v

There’s probably a ton that you can do with this little program, but keeping it simple this little hack does the trick for me! ┬áThe best part is that normal Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V still works (for when old habits kick in or other family members).