While I continue to work on the mobile application I’m creating for work, I rewrote the entire framework so that its much better organized.  I also decided to integrate Marionette.js which was absolutely worth while.  It took a little bit to figure it out, but the savings in time after the fact are huge!  Writing simple views and collections now is a no brainer (almost to the point that I feel bad because it feels like cheating!).

Check out this talk given by one of the senior engineers at LinkedIn on how they leveraged HTML5 and node.js (as well as Backbone.js) to create their, in my opinion, stunning hybrid mobile application!

Another great talk by an engineer with SoundCloud on how they used Backbone to allow them to rewrite the entire application as an SPA with scalability in mind.

PluralSight has been on a roll lately, pumping new courses almost every week.  It’s becoming impossible to keep up with!  Heres a few of the notable ones that I have or plan to check out:

Now that I’ve been playing around with node and getting a little more comfortable, my next step/goal is to rewrite ImGettin.it and port it completely over to node.  Once that’s done, I plan to continue to rewrite that application converting the front-end over to AngularJS.  Lots to do!!

Found a great resource for working with the Twitter API via .net / C# called Tweet Sharp.  Previously we were using Twitterizer, which worked well.  But suddenly without warning it just stopped working.  Oddly, I couldn’t find it in NuGet in order to install it on a new project – low and behold the project has been cancelled AND Twitter sunsetted v1.0 of their API (which Twitterizer used).