Great article on why there aren’t more great “web apps” and the difference between an “App” and an “app”.

Dan Whalin provides us an excellent introduction to AngularJS.  The video is about 60 minutes, but covers a lot of ground and is a great introduction.  After I’ve been spending some time with Backbone, I’ve been thinking more and more about maybe making the move onto Angular or Ember – a lot of the Microsoft evangelists seem to be pushing Angular lately – Pluralsight courses are coming very soon!

If you aren’t using CSS transforms for animation on your pages, you’re doing it wrong! I’ve been reading more and more and noticing more and more sites using CSS transitions and transforms versus regular ol’ jQuery animations.  I myself had basic animations in an app I’m building, all using jQuery.  When I tested the app on my phone the animations were less than ideal – very stuttery, jumpy, and just not smooth.  That all changed when I implemented CSS transitions and replaced the jQuery animations.  CSS transforms and transitions use the hardware to accelerate the animations (sort of like a video game rendering 3D), versus jQuery that basically just uses math and redraws the screen every time it moves something (pixel by pixel)!

When demoing the prototype I made for our upcoming mobile app, I installed the 7 day trial of Electric Plum Studio, which basically gives you an iPhone/iPad emulator (really its just an iPhone skinned web browser).  It was just the right “touch” the presentation needed to make sure the point got across when demoing the app!