I completed the Code School course on using Google Chrome Dev Tools. I highly recommend you complete this course – its super quick (probably no longer than 1 hour) and very easy. Yet, I learned a lot. Specifically with the more advanced topics of the dev tools like Profiling, Memory Leaks, Framerates, etc.

Started writing my hybrid mobile app for work – learned quite a bit along the way. Working with jQuery Mobile, but its overhead and conventions/takeover is making it less than desirable – perhaps I’ll rewrite the transition animations manually and implement 3rd party Touch/Tap library. I also tried very briefly using PhoneGaps Cloud Build and I’m fairly stunned with how easy and well it works! Just pump your project files in as a zip or github repo and away it goes! It will output a native app file for each of the major platforms (although some extra work is involved for iOS). Next up is experimenting with using hardware from PhoneGap (most notably the camera and uploading pictures).

Discovered TekPub, and purchased and watched (entirely) a absolutely fantastic series on Backbone. I highly recommend it (only $17.00) as Rob Conery is an excellent trainer and speaker and his presentation is both extremely educational as well as entertaining!

Old school falling girl Flash game!!!