Found a neat little JavaScript tool (that’s right, Vanilla!) called Enquire.js for detecting Media Query triggers in CSS. This could be cool for triggering events (like animation) when you have certain components of your page depending on different media queries. Even though those triggers typically only occur on resize/resolution change – it could also be used to detect orientation change (i.e. iPad rotate from portrait to landscape).

While researching some stuff for an upcoming mobile web app I need to create I found this handy JavaScript tool for storing to Local Storage called jStorage. The good thing about this tool is that it can be used to store anything in Local Storage, not only name value pairs (i.e. JSON, JS Objects, etc)

Very in depth article on the Hacker News app developer’s quest to build a web app that was as close to native feeling as possible!

Will Google Keep replace Trello? Time will tell… going to try to use it daily and see. The app for my phone is very well done, and I really like the idea of this being more of an Evernote where I can take quick pics and dictate notes for it – better than using my actual camera gallery to store stuff like that (and that lacks notes for each pic as well).

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