Some teammates were surfing around looking for some inspiration and found an agency website that does some truly incredible work:  Notably are their BeerCamp websites they create:, – the 2013 website is actually a full on multiplayer game (similar to the original Mario Bros. game on Atari).  Very inspirational!!

While poking around the source code for the 2013 Beercamp website game I discovered Raphael.js, a simple JavaScript library that makes working with vector in HTML a breeze!  Definitely check out the website and see some of the demos!  Great stuff!

Uniform.js is a nice simple way to improve the look of  your standard HTML controls (select, input, checkbox, radio, etc) using a little bit of jQuery and some CSS.

I started working on my multi-part series deconstructing a Backbone.js single page application.  The article is coming along nicely and I’m hoping to have it live before the end of the weekend.  (In a related note, my rewrite of the website using Backbone was a success!   I’m not 100% complete, yet, but far enough along that I used it as my inspiration for the article.)