I continue to plug away at my Backbone.js project (rewriting imgettin.it from scratch basically).  I’ve hit a shitload of road blocks, but most of them were related to my having to completely rethink how to handle a certain area or aspect to make it more efficient – and then wrap my head around how to accomplish this new concept using Backbone.js.  I would say its taken me probably a solid 4-6 nights of coding to get to the point that I don’t feel utterly lost and coding is coming more fluent now (versus stutters as with most new languages/concepts).  The Views, Models and communicating back and forth (syntax) is really starting to just flow.

Once I get the site at a pretty good place, I’m going to write an article (or series) covering every aspect of the project and go over all hurdles and roadblocks that I got snagged on.  Should be an interesting article once its done!  Maybe in… 2-3 weeks.

I spent a few hours digging through ThemeForest.net trying to find a decent theme to use for my blog.  As you can see I found one I like, and spent another couple hours getting it integrated and customized to my liking.  I’m pretty happy with the way the blog looks/feels now!  (Although I do miss my cool headers from before.)  Speaking of which, WordPress is pretty much the shit.  Not that this is breaking news – but man am I impressed with that product!!