5am wake up call!! Had to get up at 5 on Monday morning to make sure I was first to register online for the CFG Generation Barbell Club!!  Its an 8 week program that focuses on weight training/lifting with an emphasis on technique and improved individual performance.  Luckily I got up because by 9:30 all slots were full!

I’ve been participating in a “Beard Contest” at work, and I can honestly say that I hate it.  Specifically because I have weird facial hair and it just doesn’t grow a beard evenly.  I just look like I have some strange disease or just escaped a mental hospital or something! We will see how long I can last, but I’m finding it doubtful that it will been even until the end of this week.  There is a pot with the contest and its at 100 bucks, but I don’t know if that’s enough at this point!  The only real reason I’m even participating is because this is the first time I’ve ever actually tried to grow a beard, so it seemed like a good opportunity.

UPDATE: That was quick.  After only 1 full week I decided to shave!  I just didn’t see any positive in the end – my “beard” was what it was, and it wasn’t going to improve at all during the long run, just get darker/worse!

For people that have absolutely no idea whats involved in “properly” creating and launching a website: http://webdevchecklist.com/  (we well for us devs to keep is in check during and after development!)

Also, I’ve avoided it for so long but finally gave in – I joined Facebook.  Its sort of always been in the back of my mind, and this past year since I’ve been doing more with Twitter and my blog etc, I felt I was missing out on keeping up with some people. Plus I needed the account so I could create applications and utilize the Facebook API etc. (rationalizing)

I registered for the Tough Mudder in June (outside of Philadelphia)!!  Very excited for something like that because I’ve never done anything like that before!  With the amount of Crossfit I’ll have under my belt by then I should do OK (hopefully)!  Originally we were eyeing up the Spartan race and then Down and Dirty – but just decided that the Tough Mudder looks the most badass 😉

I just reopened a basic front-end JavaScript project I did for work back in September because I needed to make some enhancements to it.  This project, while mostly completed, was then shelved until now because it was awaiting content – and obviously has gone through a ton of changes since its original inception.  When I started reworking with the code I was astonished at how much I’ve learned in only 3 months – as I basically decided to just rewrite the whole thing because of wonky approach I originally took with it!!