Played through all of the co-op missions in Far Cry 3 with @AnswerSeven and that was a lot of fun.  It was an honor being a part of his completing 10001000 in that game!  Well done!!

Looks like we might have a real project at work to use the Kinect with: our users group meeting we host every year, with over 5000 in attendance.  I came up with an idea that I think might be pretty interesting, all really for the purposes of allowing me an opportunity to work with the Kinect.  Plus I think, if pulled off right, could be a pretty big hit at the show!  I ordered Beginning Kinect Programming with the Microsoft Kinect SDK from  Amazon which should hopefully get me started.

Losing my mind a bit trying to figure out Ember.js, and constantly getting pulled in different directions (with regard to MV* in JS).  Every article mentions another framework, and every article’s comments section gets into a debate on why another framework is better/worse! came in handy, but really doesn’t actually clear anything up!  Before today, I was all about Backbone.js.  Today I discovered Ember.js and was really all about it.  Tonight, I’m thinking I might be back to Backbone.js and try for that first (just seems to have better support/documentation/community/learning curve). For now, at least.  Maybe I can take another look at Ember.js again in the (near) future.

Interesting anecdote.  Randomly searched today for the following terms / job matches:

  • backbone.js = 145
  • ember.js = 27
  • angular.js = 13
  • knockout.js = 32
  • mvvm = 52

  • node.js = 141

  • = 1000+ (mvc3 = 355)

  • python = 1000+

  • mssql = 1000+

  • mongodb = 261

  • nosql = 763

Not that there’s anything scientific about these search results (at all) – just interesting to note 😉

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