I’m sure you’ve encountered this problem: you visit one of your favorite sites, and your password is saved in the password box automatically by your browser, but you completely forget what that password actually is! Good thing your browser is synced and you don’t really need to worry about it. Well, here’s a quick tip that will allow you to access that password very easily.

Using any current browser that has Developer tools, access those (F12 usually) and find the Inspector. Navigate to the HTML for the password field on the page you are using that has your saved password pre-entered. Edit the HTML live and change the input field type from “password” to “text” and viola! Your saved password is revealed as plain text right on the screen!

Now, this seems like a somewhat glaringly obvious security “flaw” in the browser – and its probably only a matter of time before they change this functionality. One could certainly figure out a way to use this maliciously. Regardless, it’s certainly helped me in a pinch on more than one occasion!