My list of most anticipated games coming out in 2013 are as follows (most likely in release order):

Anarchy Reigns

DMC – Devil May Cry, the demo was awesome and haters can all suck it!

Dead Space 3 – meh, its Dead Space… 3…

Aliens: Colonial Marines – YES!!! I ordered the super deluxe Spec Ed with Power Loader figure!

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance – YES!!!! The demo for this game was incredible and its from the creators of Bayonetta so need I say more!

BioShock Infinite

Crysis 3

Tomb Raider – this looks better and better every time I see something new

Grand Theft Auto V

Dead Island: Riptide

Metro: Last Light

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Patriots

The Last Guardian – probably never actually going to get released or finished

The Last of Us

And of course:

Xbox 720! (or whatever its called)