My continued use of My Fitness Pal (nutrition tracking app) has veered dangerously close to obsession!  Literally, it’s become something of a game.  I’m constantly looking at the details on every food and considering how it will effect my “stats” (seriously, as if I’m an MMO character or something)!  Ultimately, that’s a good thing I guess.  This past weekend alone I’ve been doing REALLY really well with my eating.  I have a great schedule of meals lined up for the week too, with high protein days stacked for Tuesday and Thursday (Crossfit days).  And, for the first time ever, I browsed a restaurant’s menu online and literally made a choice based on the numbers on the nutritional information grid (only looking at the actual meals description after finding something high in protein and low in bad stuff)!

Installed the jQuery easing plugin and was playing around with some animation on the new homepage.  The easing plugin adds about 30 new animation “tweaks” to the library of only 2 that exist with jQuery core.  The end result is actually pretty cool. I’ll have to post some code up when I get a chance.

Ordered a copy of Programming Android as a few potential projects are popping up here at work that we’d like to start to try to handle with native apps. (Coworker is going to focus a bit on the iOS side in tandem.)

Attended Microsoft’s “New Era of Work” tech conference in downtown Philly this week.  The event was pretty neat, although very low key   It really was just a big giant sales pitch on Windows 8 (and its App Marketplace), the Surface tablet, Visual Studio 2012 (and Team Foundation Server).

Had the company Holiday party with work on Friday night.  It was definitely really fun.  There were a LOT of people there!  I was still getting over a cold so I basically lost my voice completely by the end of the night!