Not many people realize the importance of Pinning tabs in Google Chrome.  Sure, it makes the tab smaller and a little more out of the way, but is that it?

Actually, the point of pinned tabs is to treat them like any other “app” you have open or running in your system.  The important thing to note about pinned tabs is that they will open automatically with your browser the next time you launch it.  So, if you find yourself using the same suite of websites day after day, wouldn’t it be nice if they were all just open and launched and set aside every time you opened your browser (or if you had them all set, then suddenly closed your browser by accident).  Well – pin those tabs!

Personally, I have like 6 tabs pinned at work and 3 at home.  At work I have the following tabs pinned:

  • Gmail
  • Google Play
  • Google Doc for my blog posts (see previous post)
  • Asana (our project bug tracking/task list site)
  • TweetDeck
  • Mightytext (for sending/receiving SMS via my Android phone)

At home I only have Gmail, Google Play, and my Google doc for blog posts pinned.

Another quick tip – Ctrl-Shift-T is your friend!! Whenever you accidentally (or not) close a tab and need it back, that will open previously closed tabs.  You can use it infinitely too (it ties to your History basically).