This week and the past have been spent a lot with XNA 4.0 (Xbox Live Indie game development).  I did a little bit of work on a project and started looking for good sprite assets for a test game.  My idea is to create a DayZ type game but overhead 2D using Zombies Ate My Neighbors! style graphics (in fact the actual sprite sheets from that game itself).  Found some great resources for the sprites.

Also got the Kinect PC adapter cable so I can start experimenting with coding a project that uses the Kinect SDK.  At this point the only progress with this project is having ordered the cable!

Labbed a neat full screen hero slider.  Also created a neat little movie poster stack slider and interactive hover widget.  Both were my first attempt at actually using jQuery animate and it went very well.  I don’t know why I waited so long to play around with animate.  Used a recursive function for the stacking animation!  Discovered stacking animate calls and forcing stop at the beginning of each so that you don’t get a crazy queue going if you mouse over too many elements too quickly.  Also labbed “mega menus” with the lab project, but I wasn’t totally fond of how they worked as well as how they looked.