Free React.js/Flux course on!

The fine folks at have provided me with a coupon code for a free React.js/Flux course!

UPDATE: This promotion has expired.  Thanks to everyone that participated!

If you’re interested in learning React.js and Flux now’s your chance!  You have no more excuses, as I’m able to offer you a coupon code to purchase a great course over at for free!  Just a thank you to my readers (and as an added bonus, a little marketing for as well).

Just head over to: and use the coupon code Kroltech when purchasing!  Thats it!

I’ve really been enjoying my time learning and playing with React, and using it at nights while working with AngularJS during the day, it’s quickly becoming my preferred framework.  Now I just have to convince people at work to let me use it in production! 😉

I’m also a huge fan of services like I find the quick, bite-sized, videos to be easily consumable when I have a few minutes here and there to spare throughout the day.  The entire course is only a few hours so you could be coding in React by this time tomorrow!  What are you waiting for?! Go!

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