2013 Year in Review

This year was all about transition for me. The big change came in the middle of the year when I interviewed with a company (when I had no intention of leaving my current job) and decided to accept their offer. This new position was a complete change from what I’ve been used to pretty much my entire career! In addition to the professional growth I experienced this year, I also hit a major milestone by reaching 1 year of Crossfit (and still going strong)!

All in all, another amazing year for me and definitely looking forward to a hopefully calmer next year with a huge focus on discovery and learning!

Some bullet points:

  • Joined Facebook 😦
  • Did BarBell Club
  • Tough Mudder 2013!
  • AWeber!!
  • Rock Climbing Gym
  • Started working with node.js
  • Hit 160lbs!
  • Helped build an app that made it to the app store!
  • 1 year of Crossfit! (and counting)
  • Got PS4 and Xbox One
  • Agile Training
  • Thanksgiving Pilgrimage (Crossfit)
  • 12 Days of Fitness (Christmas – Crossfit)
  • 298 Kinect Sports Bowling (missed 2 pins on my last roll)
  • Read 25 books (20 fiction, 5 technical)
  • Still blogging and hit 2000 visitors/month (10,700 for the year)!
  • MongoDB w/ node.js Certification
  • Started TDD!

2 thoughts on “2013 Year in Review

  1. You’re awesome, dude, I just discovered you single web app blog via post by Derick Bailey and WOW! I’m in the MongoDB course now myself. I’m skimming your posts now and have to send you a ginormous THANKS!


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