Wodify, Zen Coding, Backbone.js book, SimCity beta!

Created a super basic/handy lift calculator – I’ll use this initially during my first bunch of sessions until I get comfortable doing the math on the fly.  Its just painful trying to do percentage calculations while lifting, and then breaking down those results into how many different weights you need to add to each side of the bar!  This tool will compute all of that in one shot!

My Crossfit box started using Wodify.  Well, they implemented it, added the TVs to the lobby and we all have accounts, but tracking won’t start until some time in the next week or 2.  However I was able to login and check it out.  Its pretty basic, from a design standpoint.  But it looks to have all the elements it needs.  The mobile version of the site is pretty well done too, but its not a native app (fine by me).

OMG Zen coding is where its at!!!  We finally got Visual Studio 2012 installed, and one of the very first features I played with was the Zen coding.  I played with it a while  back, but now that I can finally use it on a daily basis I’m so happy!!  Basically for those unaware, this is Zen Coding:

div#localnav>b{Content Type}+ul.filter_type>li*4>a[href=# rel=type_]{Text Here}

Hit TAB and viola:

<div id="localnav">
        <b>Content Type</b>
            <li><a href="#" rel="type_">Text Here</a></li>
            <li><a href="#" rel="type_">Text Here</a></li>
            <li><a href="#" rel="type_">Text Here</a></li>
            <li><a href="#" rel="type_">Text Here</a></li>

I’ve been reading this excellent “article” (book) on Backbone.js.  Its a pre-release of an O’Rielly book that will be released (soon I assume).  So far (half way) it is an incredible resource on learning Backbone.js.  It is finally what made it all click for me and actually start to make sense and the pieces are falling into place!

I pre-ordered the new SimCity that is coming out next month.  In doing so, got in the exclusive closed beta that lasted a weekend.  The beta was a tutorial and then 1 hour to create a new city from scratch.  A lot of the build options were disabled for the beta, but in that 1 hour I got a pretty good feel for the game. It is quite addictive – because once the hour was up I was totally bummed because I know I could have easily spent another 4 playing!  It was very stressful too, because damn those Sim…people are needy!! If its not a fire, its crime!  Not sickness, its lack of public transportation, or power, or clean water, or public parks.  Man they got it good!

3 thoughts on “Wodify, Zen Coding, Backbone.js book, SimCity beta!

  1. Btw a quick tip – the Zen Coding is great for single HTML tags too, when you want your text to be auto wrapped in the tag. I.e. i{heres my italic text} TAB will result in heres my italic text – Im so happy I dont need to type anymore!!!


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