Far Cry 3, NZBMatrix, jqEasing, Functions as parameters?!

Forgot to mention I picked up Far Cry 3 last week and I’ve been playing it a lot.  Its really a fun game.  Very open ended, very sandbox.  It seems like they finally nailed the balance with the island, the open ended gameplay, gun play, and fun action (I wanted so much to love Far Cry 2 but it just never happened).  There are definitely moments where I’m reminded of Skyrim, which is a good thing!  Definitely check it out if you are at all on the fence!

R.I.P. NZBMatrix!!

Here is a great page that demos each of the easing options available in jqEasing.  Not only does it demo the actual animation, but it displays a graph that outlines exactly how the animation occurs (slow to fast, fast to slow, etc).

Wow!! Pacific Rim trailer looks pretty amazing!

Just learned (dont laugh) that you can pass a function as a parameter just like any other variable (string or whatever).  I feel kind of foolish having just NOW discovered this, but better late than never!

ASP.Net and Web Tools 2012.2 Release Candidate was announced!  Looks like the team continues to rollout a lot of improvements and features!

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