Most anticipated movies of 2013

I wrote this post for Fill the Part, but thought I’d post it here as well for posterity:
(These are in release order.)

Zero Dark Thirty
I’m a sucker for anything military related, with Black Hawk Down being one of my top 5 movies I can watch over and over.  Plus, while I didn’t absolutely love Hurt Locker, Point Break is another one of my all time favorites.

A Good Day to Die Hard
It’s Die Hard… need I say more?

The Evil Dead
Even though this remake has some fans upset (maybe most notably because of a female lead?) – personally I’m excited.  I loved the original, and I love Bruce Campbell, and the movie has his blessing so its good enough for me!

Iron Man 3
Comic books.

Star Trek Into Darkness
Even though I had one of the worst experiences in the movie theater ever watching the first movie (that’s a story for another post), that didn’t taint how much I loved it.  So naturally I’m quite excited for the sequel.

Man of Steel
Superman.  C’mon.

World War Z
Yes, the trailer was very… odd.  And a lot of people were hating on it.  Personally, I don’t know why they didn’t just give this movie a different title as it has literally nothing to do with the book – but its zombies, so I’m in!

Pacific Rim
Yeah, giant robots, monsters, Peter Jackson.  Done.

I really know nothing about this movie short of the 1 image that keeps making the rounds of Matt Damon and his crazy rifle and shaved head.  But its from the creator of District 9 and I absolutely loved that movie so I’m definitely all in for this one!

Ender’s Game
The book series is simply epic and really a timeless classic for ANY age.  Here’s hoping with bated breath that they can actually pull this off!

Honorable Mentions:

Jurassic Park 3D
I cannot believe its been 20 years since I saw this in the theater – thats actually pretty depressing.  But goes to show you how awesome this movie was/is as it will still stand the test of time and look great in the theater, in 3D no less!

Fast and Furious 6
Ahh, what can I say?  I’m a sucker for these movies! (except Tokyo Drift, we don’t talk about Tokyo Drift.)

Pain and Gain
Michael Bay – love him or hate him, he makes a damn entertaining movie!  Bad Boys are some of my favorite movies so I’m hoping he can get back to that feel for this new buddy action flick!

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