Sprints (running not coding) and Supplements

Just when I started wondering about doing sprints (and in fact did some 2 weeks ago at the park) they posted on my Crossfit website about the benefits of sprinting and a link to this article.  Sounds good to me!  Will incorporate for sure on Saturday/Sunday mornings (my non-Crossfit “home based” workout day).

Great blog post on vitamins and supplements to take pre/post workout as well as daily.  After some research and discussing with one of the Crossfit coaches, this is my current plan:


Fish Oil 2.5g / day
D3 – 10k iu / day
1-A-Day Multivitamin

Crossfit days:

Beta-Alanine 2x@750mg before & after workout (4x total)
(decided against the above for now, as only for recovery and the flushing side effects seem odd)
 drink-  5g @ 2x (before & during workout – powder in workout water bottle w/ blender ball)
Whey protein shake – 35g* @ 2x (late morning and after workout – powder mix in water when get home – more like a shake)
*Also contains 5.5g of BCAA to account for post workout (15g total BCAA consumption)

Note that the above plan is based on my personal weight of (currently) 146lbs.

As far as my diet is concerned, I’m going to try to increase my daily calories to 2500 and get my Protein as close to 150 as possible (especially on Crossfit days).

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