Interested in starting a blog? Start with a Google doc first!

When I started my new job, a few months in I decided to start blogging. At first it really was just for my own personal use, a way for me to keep track of my accomplishments and new things I’d learned.  I didn’t want to get too bogged down and distracted with the trouble of actually creating a blog and designing it – so instead I created a simple Google document and logged stuff daily and/or weekly.  I backlogged to the best of my memory (a few weeks really), and I only did a paragraph per week.  After I maintained the doc for a few months, my updates started to get a little more frequent, and a little bit longer.  But still, I maintained a lonely private Google doc with no audience but myself.

A few months later I decided that I was ready to actually “launch” a real blog and started working on getting this blog up and running.  The blog itself really took no time at all, thanks to WordPress.  It was great being able to pre-populate it with a decent amount of content right off the bat and launch with what felt like a blog that I’ve been running for months instead of that empty feeling of launching a new website with no content.

If you are considering starting a blog I would highly recommend you go about it this way – at least to prove to yourself that you can consistently pump out content. I still continue to use this method as well – as personally I feel nothing can beat the speed of loading up and editing a Google doc versus wrestling with a blog engine/cms.  I will continue to post daily to my Google doc and then transfer to the blog weekly.

3 thoughts on “Interested in starting a blog? Start with a Google doc first!

  1. Hmm, I was wondering if there was a way to import that Google Doc? That’d be really handy. I’ve been handwriting notes, and then scanning the notebooks (I do a lot of drawing as well), but I’ve been looking for a more painless way to blog for a couple of years. JekyllRB is probably as close as I’ve come.


    • Yeah I never did have much luck figuring that out, but I still do it as I prefer the quickness of editing a Google doc over WordPress (again solely for speed). Typically I just copy/pasted the Google doc to the Text mode of a WordPress post and then formatted manually (switching back to Visual). Just make a note to not get too crazy formatting in the Google doc as you know you’re just going to have to redo it in WordPress.


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