How I’m Learning: Elixir & Phoenix

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of my free time absorbing as much as I can about an exciting Functional Programming language called Elixir.  For those of you that don’t know, Elixir is somewhat of a spiritual successor to Ruby, and therefore Phoenix (the web framework for Elixir) could be considered it’s Rails.  Let’s take a look at my learning path and what you can do if you’re interested in becoming a proficient Elixir & Phoenix developer!Read More »

Getting started with React/Flux Node/MongoDB – Open Source

Almost a year ago I started an ambitious project to create a website from scratch using React and Flux (Redux) as well as Node.js and MongoDB.  I was also writing a companion book parallel to writing the actual code for the project and made some really good progress.  Since I basically stopped completely and just let the book sit and linger, I decided that I should at least open source the book so you can check it out and hopefully learn from it.

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